WEBER Family Q (Q3200) LP Titanium – BUNDLE DEAL



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The Family Q3200 has proved to be an absolute winner in Australian backyards. Because of the speed of its cooking, it’s easily able to cater for big parties, yet it’s extremely economical. When it comes to roasting, we believe this is the pick of the Qs. We know people love them because we are continually surprised by just how many Family Q owners go on to purchase a baby Q for their car, caravan or beach house.

This Bundle Deal includes:

  • Family Q (Q3200) NP Titanium
  • 1 x Q3200 Black LPG
  • 1 x Weber Family Q 1/2 Hotplate
  • 1 x Weber Family Q Roasting pack
  • 1 x Weber Full length Cover
  • 1 x Weber Small 3 Sided Brush
  • 1 x Weber Cookbox Scraper
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