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Honeybrix 10kg


Honeybrix idea is simple: Create an extraordinary charcoal briquette for the finest BBQ experience. Through passion for uncompromising quality, we bring to the world an extraordinary charcoal briquette that surpasses ordinary charcoal in every way.

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WEBER Genesis II E310 NG Black


e’ve taken Australia’s best barbecue, and made it better.

The Weber Genesis II E310.

The cooking system is the heart of any barbecue. In the 1980s, Weber revolutionised gas barbecue cooking forever with the introduction of the Flavorizer™ cooking system in the first ever Weber Genesis gas barbecue. Now, over 30 years later, Weber has done it again. At Weber, countless hours of research and development have been invested into once again reinventing and reengineering gas barbecue cooking.
The new Weber GS4™ cooking system, found in all Genesis II gas barbecues, is the biggest step forward in gas barbecue cooking since the original Genesis was introduced in the 1980s.

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Escea EP1350 Outdoor Wood Fire Table

$3,999.00 *price starting from

Nothing brings people together quite like food and flames. Now Escea has found the perfect way to combine them both with the EP1350 Outdoor Fire Table.Inspired by the classic campfire, the Fire Table is made for gathering, sharing, and marshmallow toasting. It’s a new twist on an old classic. Only better, because Escea’s Vortex Firecore technology gives you the warmth, ambience and flames of a campfire, without all the smoke.
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4300 Millennium

The simple design of the 4300 Millennium wood stove allows it to fit comfortably into any room. It combines durable construction with true performance. The Automatic Combustion Control (ACC), offers more controllable heat output, cleaner emissions and higher efficiency. The 4300 Millennium allows you to load, light and burn longer, providing the right heat at the right time.

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Ortal Stand Alone 150 Fireplace

Ortal carries a wide range of freestanding natural gas fireplaces. Freestanding units are ideal solutions for adding a contemporary fireplace to any space with minimal construction disruption. Featuring an elegant design and advanced safety technology unique to Ortal, this modern freestanding natural gas fireplace harnesses the power of a heat-producing flame while staying cool to the touch.

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Ortal Traditional Fireplace

Integrate modern beauty into traditional hearths, adding safety and control for year-round comfort. Get all the charm of a Traditional fireplace yet enjoy the twist of a contemporary design. With a Traditional fireplace you have the freedom to choose from a broad range of fireplace media, creating a stylish fresh look.

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Ortal Space Creator

The Space Creator range is an effective way to divide a living spaces while maintaining an expansive feel and free flow. Featuring a frameless design with unique double glass window for added safety, a completely silent operation and the ability to install the fireplace anywhere thanks to the power flue option, this collection brings warmth with a unique style.

  • Power vent system option
  • Flue in any direction up to 32m
  • Cool wall technology
  • Safe double glazing design
  • 4 sizes available
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