New to the range and as a continuation from the Stovax Riva™ Edge + inset wood burning fire provides a similarly frameless ‘hole in the wall’ fire look, yet offers the additional benefit of a more simplified finishing process. A slim profile decorative frame, crafted from 1mm thick steel, overlays the finished wall surface and [...]

STOVAX RIVA STUDIO 2 (With Bauhaus Fascia)

Height 440 mm Width 950 mm Depth 350 mm Heats 10 to 15 sqrs Bauhaus Fascia A classic three dimensional tapered frame. This frame comes in two finishes – Polished Stainless Steel or Midnight Black Metallic. The Riva Studio 2 is available with a wide variety of frame options. Bauhaus Fascia Polished Stainless Steel Fascia [...]

STOVAX RIVA STUDIO 2 (With Glass Fascia)

With its crisp lines and reflective surface, the Stovax Riva™ Studio Glass wood burning inset fire offers you a complete focal point around which to create your very own distinctive decorative style. This sleek frame is available in all four Riva™ Studio inset fire sizes, giving you the versatility to match your personal design and [...]


This Freestanding stove version of the Stovax Riva™ Studio 2 wood burning inset fire offers you up to 8kW of heating capacity as well as superb views of the flames. Featuring exactly the same firebox attributes as other Riva™ Studios, the Riva Studio 2 Freestanding wood burning stove may be mounted on a hearth or [...]

STOVAX RIVA STUDIO 2 (With Verve Fascia – Curved Front )

The Stovax Riva™ Studio Verve adds a curved 3D frame to the Riva™ Studio wood burning inset fire range. A statement frame to create a designer look, the Verve is finished in Jet Black Metallic and is available in all four Riva™ Studio sizes. The Riva™ Studio Verve is also available with Stovax’s selection of [...]

STOVAX RIVA STUDIO 3 (With Frameless Edge)

Height 450 mm Width 1332 mm Depth 393 mm Heats 15 to 18 sqrs Edge Fascia A sleek frameless design, allowing your home’s interior to frame and enhance the roaring flames. Combine this with the optional fan-assisted convection system and you can boost the flow of heat into the room. The Riva Studio 3 is [...]


The Stovax Riva™ Studio 1 Freestanding incorporates the impressive firebox performance of a wood burning inset fire with the welcoming presence of a stove. Available with a number of optional extras to help you create the right look for your home, the Riva™ Studio 1 Freestanding wood burning stove can be hearth mounted or installed [...]


The largest in Stovax’s Riva™ Studio range is the striking Riva™ Studio 3 Freestanding wood burning stove. This highly efficient and visually impressive wood burning stove has the same 11kW of heat output and stunning widescreen views of the flames as its inset fire equivalent but offers a very different look. Designed to be sited [...]


For those who wish to raise a Stovax Riva™ Studio Freestanding fire off a hearth, Stovax has eight stunning benches that are compatible with the Riva™ Studio 500 Freestanding, 1, 2 & 3* fires. Offering infinitely greater design possibilities, these Riva Studio benches have four widths and two heights to choose from so, you can be [...]