Celestial 900

Featuring a peak heating capacity of 33 squares, and an ultra low particulate emission rate of 0.6 grams, the Kemlan C900 is a powerful performer complemented by good looks and an Australian pedigree. Features: Impressive 22 to 33 squares heating capacity Average heat output of 12.7kW Average particulate emissions of 0.6g/kg Average efficiency of 60% [...]

Coupe Wall Penetration Unit

The Kemlan Coupe is a double-sided unit that comes in a freestanding. in-built or wall penetration models. The Coupe burns safety, with  the flame behind two large, ceramic glass viewing areas. The ceramic glass remains clean throughout the life of the fire, courtesy of an advanced airwash system. The fully shielded firebox incorporates a two-way [...]

Super Nova Freestander

The Super Nova II is a large freestanding convection wood heater designed to heat an area up to 240m2. It is ideal for new installations. The compact design and close wall clearances enables an installation with minimum floor space requirements. The Super Nova also features a large door opening and deep firebox to allow large [...]


With a peak heat output of 21.6kw and an average high burn output of 14.6kw, the Kemlan XL is sure to impress with its powerful performance pedigree. The large viewing area which remains clean throughout the length of the fire and large firebox with 6mm and 8mm steel robust construction ensures your Kemlan XL will [...]